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Gallery Artists

Paul Finn

"Painting always starts with a specific observed situation. A landscape visited and walked across and deeply felt, will generate work. I am usually attracted by the structure of a landscape, by field patterns and by the way we have organised the countryside. This seen experience will jump start a lengthy creative process, which is emotional, intellectual and physical. My paintings are not topographical accounts of places, they are rather, images which are recollections of observed places done in the tranquility of my studio. Rather like Bonnard, I find working directly in front of a landscape impossible. When I am away from the place I want to paint, my mind can filter out information which is of no use to me. I love handling oil paint, with its uncertainties and its ability to do things you don't want it to. I use Michael Hardings paints because he uses recipies which connect with the lengthy heritage of oil paint manufacture. When painting I relish the variety of often quite sophisticated strategies you need to manage and manipulate paint. I enjoy the way paint allows me to re-arrange things, change things, repaint and cancel out images. Ultimately, I expect to reinvent the initial exhilaration experienced in the landscape. I try to achieve a visual cohesion in my work and a balance between drawing and painting. I want my decisions to be visible and on the surface of each painting."

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