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Richard Plincke RI

"In the rarefied world of art, an artist, when producing a finished painting, will have several methods to choose from: * organising disorder - any sense will be more complex than the resulting image. * simplifying; eliminating needless detail. * the telling use of colour in all its delights; texture, tone, brushstrokes. * lively treatment, full of movement - or, alternatively, just tranquility. The world " inspiration" comes to mind - a strong, loaded word; but the artist's sense of purpose will make or mar the work. We all have our own individual style, much as in handwriting, but the key is how it will be seen by the viewer. In more recent years, I have concentrated on the experimental ideas, the benefits of exaggeration and emphasis, preferably enlivened by vivid colour, as well as different ways of depicting quite ordinary subjects. Many of these relate to marine scenes - boats, harbours, coastline, tidal surge, rock pools - but returning often, also, to just exploring fresh ideas in my own version of experimental modern painting."

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