Adam Roud

Born in Hampshire 1971, Adam Roud returned to live and work there after graduating from John Mores University Liverpool studying fine art.  Initially working at the The Morris Singer foundry learning the process of lost wax and sand casting, where the Major figures of the last century have had their sculpture cast, Hepworth, Caro, Paulozzi, Frink, Nemon and Moore.


Since 2000 with a studio and workshop on Lord Portsmouth’s estate Adam has developed his work with large and small commissions, figure studios, portraits and the main body of abstract pieces.

At the heart of his work is drawing, whether from the nude with pencil, chisel and stone, clay and knife!

Weight, balance, light and shadow are at the core of the work and fuel the process in the studio.  The individual pieces are part of a time line, an evolving group; the pieces are the resolve, evidence, product of the activity, and 3D sketch book!  The figurative fuel the abstract and the abstract fuel the figurative.