Andrew Macara NEAC

Born in Derbyshire in 1944, Andrew studied contemporary modern British Art for a short period with Leonard Fuller at the St Ives School of Painting amongst the Cornwall Art Galleries but considers himself to be predominantly a self-taught artist.


He was elected a member of  the New English Art Club in 1984. Andrew Macara today has one of the most distinctive styles of present day contemporary British Artists. He is now established as a very collectible contemporary figurative artist and over the years, his paintings have been greatly sought after.

Andrew Macara travels extensively gathering images for paintings from around the world, but his native Derbyshire continues to feature in many paintings – particularly the Winter scenes. Other subjects with strong demand are Andrew’s British seaside paintings. Recently, he has been exploring a new subject matter of reflections, involving a more abstracted painting style.

‘In 2007, I began a completely new series of paintings. These may loosely be described as “Reflections”, as the paintings are based on studying the surfaces of water. The surfaces of both water and ice, offer a new way in which to observe the natural world. These surfaces may also have debris, leaves, blossom and algae upon them – are we observing the reflections or looking directly at the objects? I have not wished to make this too obvious or certain. Also I have maneuvered and pushed around the image in order to respect the two dimensions of the picture plane and hope to tread a fine line between the figurative and the abstract.’

Carp, Madeira

oil on canvas

81 x 91 cm

The Bicycle, Gumber Bodrum, Turkey

oil on canvas

36 x 45 cm


oil on canvas

33 x 39 cm

St Ives

oil on canvas

40 x 50 cm

Girls Skipping, Mykonos

oil on canvas

51 x 61 cm