Jo Bemis

“Spirit of the Sea”
6 May until 4 June 2016

Throughout History, Mankind has had a need to engage with our mighty oceans for expansion and survival.  Poets, musicians and painters have been inspired by the wild untameable nature of the sea

Jo Bemis an Isle of Wight artist has immersed herself in the study of waves and coastal waters. Her new collection of paintings are powerful and magnificient reminding us of those of the great 19th century Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky who captured the light and translucency of the waves, creating paintings which still today hypnotise the viewer with their drama. Jo spends tireless hours at the shoreline in all weathers, sketching and painting to record the nature of moving water. These studies are transferred onto canvas in a way that makes her one of leading artist of today. Her ability to capture the form, colours and intensity of the sea leaves us overwhelmed by her skill in her use of oils, and we sense her deep connection with the waters that surround our island.

This Exhibition sees Jo striving deeply into new areas of her abilities. She has surpassed herself in her use of paint to create light and an ethereal quality to some of her works. She has a love of wild rugged landscapes, and is inspired by the Cornish coast, especially during times of extreme weather. Waves – breaking, rolling, folding, plunging, reaching – and the luminous quality of light on the coast have become the focus for her work, along with a desire to express the energy and spirit of the ocean.    Jo was born on the Isle of Wight in 1969 and studied at Portsmouth College of Art and Leeds Metropolitan University. After returning from living in the United States in 2001, she settled back on the island and began painting full time in 2003. Her paintings are in collections worldwide.