Josephine Chisholm

An Exhibition of New Paintings
30 June – 22 July

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The Minster Gallery once again is delighted to present a fabulous new collection of “Travel” paintings from Winchester based artist Josephine Chisholm. Her roamings have taken her throughout her favourite European destinations and over the pond to the United States on an amazing adventure.  

In just four weeks using plane, train and road she and her husband Julian visited Boston Halifax and Chicago in the North East; Kansas Oklahoma, the Chisholm Trail in the Great Plains; The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas & Phoenix in the South West; and San Antonio, New Orleans and Atlanta in the South.  

She has captured her travels in her own wonderfully rich and spontaneous way, causing us to fall happily into each painting making us feel part of the moment. Josephine continues to capture the visual with her vibrant use of colour and brush work, making her paintings full of joy and optimism.  

Josephine uses seemingly spontaneous, fluid, loose brushwork to capture her reactions to these new found places.  Her use of vibrancy of colour captures the warm and exotic climates of the places she travelled to and portrays the joy felt in experiencing these locations.  

Josephine would say it is the curiosity and life in the new places she visits that excites and drives her. “I live through my painting enjoying all I see”.  Josephine graduated from the Bristol College of Art and Design as a graphic designer in 1974. She then went on to study painting in Melbourne, Roehampton, Harrogate, West Dean College and Winchester.