Laurence de Vogüé

“By the Beach”
New Exhibition of Photographs

7th June 2019

By the Beach is Laurence de Vogüé’s new exhibition of photographs, pursuing her unique style of painting with light. She is an artist photographer drawn to the ordinary, the everyday who is able to capture the essence and the magic of the moment in a unique way

She carefully observes life through her own lenses, sensingfeeling and assessing the moment before finally putting the view-finder to her eye to paint with light. Laurence is tirelessly, tracking various movements and moments to capture a unique composition with her experienced use of shutter release.

 In this new exhibition presented by The Minster Gallery, the artist has focused on the breathtaking beauty of the seaside. The immensity of perpetual oceans versus the fragility and innocence of Man. Here again, she immersed herself in order to capture her multiple feelings by painting with light. 

 « It took me three years before I was able to obtain what I had in mind, and hopefully I was finally able to succeed last summer !» « I really hope that people watching my new photographs can escape and travel in their mind. I was delighted when one of the first photographs of these series was sold by The Minster Gallery to the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire for a triptych measuring 3x11m in their new spa».

 She sets her camera entirely manually as on traditional film cameras. There is no reframing, no brushing, no montage.

In the developing process, Laurence brings out the phosphorescent colours and ghostly shades contained within the images –  “I love colours and contrasts. I feel that my photographs can capture and give out energy, positivism and enthusiasm for life. This new work is also poetical.