Nicholas Turner RWA

25 May – 26 June 2012

Nicholas Turner, born in London in 1972, has lived and worked in Bristol since 1990.

Following the completion of his BA Hons Fine Art degree in 1997 at the University of West England, Nicholas taught art courses at UWE, Bristol and Higher College of Education, Swansea. He was one of the youngest members to be elected as an Academician of the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) in 2003. He has exhibited and supported the work of the Academy through exhibitions and fundraising events, including three solo exhibitions in the New Gallery

“Nicholas says of his work: ‘The process of organising and re-organising colour relationships and compositional design is what fascinates me, whether I am working with themes based on landscapes or still life.”

 Nicholas Turner has a very mature mastery of the oil medium. Some of his paintings, made by the superposition of shapes, mist and shadows lead us to discover an architecture long gone: high walls and scarce windows making the spectator wonder what life might have been. In the manner of Cezanne, his still lives depict objects and fruit scattered across a space just for the eye to move from one to another. His landscapes and seascapes, with recurrent themes of olive trees, chapels and simple boats, are characterised by a touch of pointillism which gives them a poetic simplicity and lets his audience enter his peaceful and tranquil world.

 “The paintings of Nicholas Turner RWA reflect a gentle disposition and a poetic modesty. They are calm and unhurried and hark back to time of peace and tranquillity; subtle reminders of the fundamentals of life. They are of the soul and spirit; harmony and rhythm; honesty and peace (…)” Derek Balmer, PPRWA, Hon.RA 2008.

 Nicholas Turner has had many solo and mixed exhibitions throughout the United Kingdom and his work is included in public and private collections in the UK, USA and Japan.