Richard Adams

Letting Light In
8 – 20 October 2015

Richard Adams is the “Artist in Residence” at Winchester College.

He is one of New Zealand’s leading painters and jazz musicians.

The Minster Gallery are pleased to be able to exhibit his paintings of vertical and horizontal coloured plains, inspired by the vast landscapes, of his homeland and his love of music. His work is spontaneous, he is the guide to the brush rather than the master, and has no preconceived ideas as to how the end result should be, allowing an image to evolve. 

“I consider myself an abstract painter. I draw my inspiration from nature, from colours, textures, shapes, surfaces and remembering these, I can at a later date produce them with feeling on canvas. I like my work to have a certain amount of spontaneity to it. This helps me in feeling that I am the guide of the brush rather than the master. I try not to have a preconception of what the picture will look like, I’ll pick a certain size of canvas, deal with the necessary materials and then let an image grow from this.”