Rosie Parmley

Born in London 1966, Rosie Parmley trained as a painter firstly at Harrow Art College and later at Bath College of Art, the former Bath Academy. It has a rich tradition of painting with eminent teachers like Peter Lanyon, Gillian Ayres and Sir Terry Frost. On graduating she set up her studio at ACAVA in London below Bridget Riley studio. Rosie lives in Winchester and practices fromThe Colour Factory where she teaches popular drawing and painting classes. The Colour Factory is a local artist studio groupwho are the makers of the art in the square on the bollards. Her work can be found in private collections here and abroad.

Recently Rosie appeared on Sky Arts “Landscape Artist of the Year” 2021, Series 6 in Episode 4. A collage painting was selected from thousands and on the show she paints in oil from a landscape within Churchills Chartwell – you can see some of her process on there. 

When I paint, I combine observations with memory, it’s a fine balance that can border on abstraction. I aim for a painting to resonate with the viewer, touch a cord. A painting normally begins with drawings in charcoal or paint on a brush. I borrow from my memories which are rich with the sound of children, the smell of an industrial sewing machine, the scent of roses, vines, and fruit trees, the debris of domestic life, a wine glass, a kettle.

Along with these paintings, Rosie is also pushing the boundaries of the language of paint in her relief paintings – here paper or cloth sit raised above the flats of a canvas, nestling in paint trails, or a word/symbol will give a clue as to the story to be unravelled.

Home 2010

oil on canvas
51 x 51 cm

Home and Three 2010

oil on canvas
47 x 40 cm

Stitch in Time 2009

oil on canvas
99 x 85 cm

Lemons & Purples in Zoom

oil on canvas
20 x 50 cm