Sue Jelley PPSWADirector

Sue Jelley PSWA SPF studied Fine Art with James Hockey at The West Surrey College of Art (now The Surrey Institute of Art and Design) and then worked for 10 years in a Private Studio with the Hackney family in Surrey. Sue is a member of the Société des Pastelistes de France and has worked in Paris as well as exhibiting regularly there. The body language of her models plays an important part in her figurative paintings and she is currently involved in a series of studies including Jazz and dance. On her visits to Spain, she enjoys the local Flamenco shows and much of her work is centred around this most passionate of dances.

Visits to The Marinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg have provided the ideal backdrop for her great interest in all things theatrical. Sue was commissioned by the BBC to produce paintings to commemorate the Radio 2 and 3 Jazz Awards and Quincy Jones who was presented with a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ bought the portrait Sue painted of him for this very special occasion. Her work is exhibited in the U.S. where she frequently works on her landscapes in the Arizona Desert. ‘The landscape has a movement all of its own which I find quite enthralling; it produces passion, splendour and excitement in the course of just one day which I love to capture there and then on canvas’. Sue exhibits regularly at the Mall Galleries, London, home of The Federation of British Artists as well as internationally and her work can be found in many private and public collections. She also likes to run the occasional workshop where she finds it really is a two- way exercise with her students.

“I hope that I am able to pass on a few little artistic ideas because I certainly pick up a few gems myself from some amazingly talented artists.” Sue has also exhibited with the Pastel Society in London and with the French Pastel Society in Paris and Limoges. Sue is a Londoner and is fascinated by life in the Capital. The River Thames and the exciting part it plays in our everyday lives features prominently in her work. She finds all aspects of city life and the interaction of work and leisure with the many inhabitants and visitors fascinating subjects. She is a member of The Society of Women Artists and is extremely proud to have been President of the SWA for many years.


acrylic on canvas
25x 20cm

Waiting in the Wings

acrylic on canvas board

30 x 20 cm


acrylic on canvas
25 x 20 cm